Creative Products: 15 Beautiful Mardi Gras Masks to Celebrate Carnival in Style

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Carnival is upon us! Commencing after Christmas and leading up to Lent, this merry season concludes with Mardi Gras, a day dedicated to indulgence. If you plan on partaking in Fat Tuesday’s festivities, make sure you have the perfect Mardi Gras mask so you can celebrate in style.

Here, we’ve put together 15 of our favorite festive masks to help you escape the everyday and adopt a new persona this Mardi Gras. Ranging from strikingly simple to incredibly ornate, these designs capture the spirit of the season. While some are undoubtedly modern, many showcase their age-old roots in Venice, where Carnival made its grand debut in the Middle Ages.

No matter which style you choose, however, you’re bound to have a ball masquerading in one of these delightful disguises!

Want to celebrate Fat Tuesday’s festivities in style? If so, make a statement when you were one of these beautiful Mardi Gras masks.

HigginsCreek | $24.50+

OriginalVeniceShop | $357.52


HigginsCreek | $16.50+

4everstore | $20


OriginalVeniceShop | $111.36

OhMyButterfly | $899

NoirMasks | $169.97


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