Architecture: Architect Designs Modern Prism-Shaped Treehouses Nestled in the Forest

Milan-based Peter Pichler Architecture recently published a concept for a set of treehouses that blend into the Italian forest. Nestled between the fir and larch trees of the Dolomite mountains, each cabin looks like a prism that opens up to the landscape. The project was conceived as an extension of an existing hotel, with these […]

Animals: Leopard Thought to Be Extinct Is Spotted in Taiwan for First Time in Over 30 Years

The Formosan clouded leopard is a subspecies of the rare clouded leopard (pictured). (Photo: Stock Photos from Khaled Azam Noor/Shutterstock) Hopeful news for animal lovers is coming out of Taiwan, where rangers say they’ve spotted a leopard thought to be extinct.  The Formosan clouded leopard was declared extinct in 2013, though the last official sighting […]

Interview: Interview: Adventurous Couple Leaves “Normal Life” Behind to Live in Converted Van

Many of us dream about ditching our “normal” life and hitting the open road. Canadian couple Isabelle and Antoine are two people who have made it happen. “We lived a comfortable life,” the former engineers recall, “but when reaching our mid-thirties the years seem to repeat themselves.” Determined to make a change, they decided to take […]

Design: Innovative Self-Watering Indoor Garden Grows 90 Fruits and Veggies at a Time

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. Growing vegetables at home just got easier thanks to OGarden. This self-watering indoor garden allows you to grow up to 90 vegetables, fruits, and herbs simultaneously. Fully automatic, you […]

Interview: Interview: Photographer Opens Museum to Preserve Legacy of Vietnam’s Ethnic Tribes

M’nông ethnic tribe For many years, French photographer Réhahn has called Vietnam home. And over the past 7 years, he has worked diligently to do his part in preserving the legacy of the country’s diverse ethnic tribes. For his Precious Heritage project, Réhahn is on a mission to photograph all 54 of Vietnam’s recognized ethnic groups and […]